The Boca Vampires

by Eugene Ugly

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chrooome dirty, sleazy, desperate, and entrancing. Favorite track: Colonia.
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It's about a divorce in a suburb of LA.


released November 26, 2016

In this corner...
George Seruset - drums, yelling, saxophone, marriage
Cameron Betts - singing, guitars, a little bass, addiction

Featuring the radically underpaid talents of
Josiah Gathing - piano and handsome laughter on "The Moca Vampires"
Alisa Pierini - big, beautiful notes on "Vamp"

Tracked by Dino Dimare.
Mixed and mastered by Johnny Tieman
Album art by Cara Thompson
Site photos by Peggy Northrop
Hand holding by Joe Cooper

An overwhelming, drown you in a tub Thank You to everyone who has come to a show, forgiven our personal flaws, and played with our cats.



all rights reserved


Eugene Ugly Sacramento, California

Eugene Ugly is worried rock band. George is married, and Cameron talks to his cats.


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Track Name: Wiving
I'm driving drunk
Buzzed humming brass
I can’t handle dad
Just call me back

I’m, oh, I’m the one you talk to
Shaking out harem hitting notes
I can’t feel alone
Getting high on pedophile blow

Dad caught UFOs
Thumbing redheads
Down the road
And I’m scared, I heard the same song like a dial tone

Mom is hiding God behind the couch
The doubt in LA’s getting out
I need someone to talk to now
I need you home to talk to now
I'm hanging by a payphone now
Track Name: Court Cards
Fingering the tan line
wedding ring
and Birkin bag
In her husband’s hands
He starts to wave
But her eyes cross and legs shaved

Smoking in the bathroom
Tarot cards
in rows beneath
the piss covered sink
All my crew’s convinced
but I’ve got Heimdall with Temperance

Noon shoe shine apostles
On my dust
I share a laugh with
The boys in drag
Spent two balloons
In a booth watching showtunes

And slept outside
out loud
With the court cards of downtown

La Brea is always praying
Bring around
a living saint
Her body paint’s
On the driver door
So my boys ride with cold sores

Three-piece suit on the sidewalk
“Catch me if you can
‘cause I
long to die
in your arms again."
It’s the same thing, don’t talk back

Because I need this house
this cash
this doubt

Because I need my cash
my house
and oh my God, all this doubt

Have you seen my wife when you’re out on your town
Because I know she’s not mine but I still panic when I watch her going down
Track Name: Vamp
I'd rather lose my ring
finger in the mail
than ghost around your dick
some Mexico you know
can tear me to the taint
with a youth football team
of swollen loads can pump
my bright comatose
mom body pregnant

Bright lovers came and went
on my tits and down my back
to wash you out I dare you
to trade one day for mine
I needed men to rub
against and pack me full
of pressure when it takes me
my eyes buried in
groomed pubic hair

Why can't you talk over me
Over me

God above one drunk I scratched my
lips until they bled to get the skin you
left out of me

Why can't you talk over me
Over me

Is anybody talking about me?

Now I can’t bear to call you back
And hear you jump at the chance
To cum in me at last
Boy I smell the blood
In your ass you lush
When they find
Your face in mine
You’ll have to know
I wanted to marry
Every age of you
You’re still in the air
Track Name: Your God
I met the father the moment I saw her
without any clothes I knew I’d stolen his daughter
well I could be waiting but I could be David
and that wouldn’t do

I could be David or I could be satan
and I know it’s pointless but sometimes I’d take it
the knowing just gets in my blood I forget
why I’m sticking it out

Everyone talk me down
Sing what I say to the crowd
I pray in the back of our dad’s house band
And talk to Utah
Biting my thumb

Joan of Arc’s femur because you can’t sleep maybe
clay pots to drown any doubts you might keep buy some
sheep’s blood to save all your friends from the angel
that calls when you’re down

I thin my blood every weekend and cum
in the mouth of a friend when I’m selfish enough
I feel just for myself, I hate everyone else
I keep waiting it out (I should stop making friends)

Headlessly float to the show
Sweat through her roadhead jokes
I wake up alone with a New Year’s throat in your hotel room
And we don’t move

Tear your clothes and thumb ash
on your eyes and nose
No breathing no singing
Your sad songs to get back home
There is something in the water
You will talk in tongues
and float down the street
There is something in the water
No more muddy thoughts
That keep you unclean
There is someone on the water
Waving at the beach

I could be satan or I could be anxious
Track Name: The Moca Vampires
Feral cats
thrown against the wall
The older kids laugh
when their back legs
get spread apart
or pulled apart
And make all the young ones go clean up so they don’t get caught

Run inside
get behind the couch
If we’re alive
in the afternoon
play it cool
we’ll play it cool
My hands feel thin when we press them tight to your bathtub

Skinny hair
all my pockets full
My cigarette looks
like it’s blushing
between my lips
my fingertips
I tap it out with the rag and we walk back to where I parked his car

Little pills in
molcajete soup
The little kids hide
from their brothers
when they get sick
start playing sick
And we all watch cartoons on the couch and joke “we got so high”

Spitting teeth
by the on-ramp sign
I run from the car
to the highway
To beg for lights
To wave at lights
I flag a ride but we don’t get near the hospital
Track Name: Black Magazine Bags
Dad is burning his porno mags
The ones in French with the girls in drag
He’s been awake since I came home last night
Remember the redheads with open mouths?
I thought mom had thrown those out
The last time she broke inside when he was high
Did you give her cash?
So did I

I heard it raining across the phone
When mom put it down to change her clothes
Her new man talks God but I know he's fine
But I was calling to change your mind
Don’t hang up you know I’m right
We can’t stick around and wait for dad to die
You’re afraid to sleep
And so am I

Because when we’re asleep
he drives into town
having visions
and slurring his speech
I just want to sleep
Without thinking
he's in the streets
I just want to sleep
I just want to sleep

I know you’re hoping to pick him up
When he calls in tears says he’s had enough
But he’ll never change you can’t keep waiting
Track Name: Colonia
Dad called sober for the first time this year
I was there but you were out
Mom was over the moon when you laughed
but now she prays with other songs

You took over the town when you left
but now they talk about themselves
I would rather be high than alone
But you were there to calm me down

And I fall asleep
to the sound
of your favorite scene
from that cop movie

Boys on the street
laughed openly at my rosary beads
Like I am just some mudwalking king
Who lost his harem
And is scared to confront his wife alone
Track Name: Fuck Utah
I’ve been talking about you on the road
I’ve been talking about you on the road
But twenty eight nickname roleplay date your friends
Peppermint drunk at the motel summer legs
I’ve been painting on sisters and driving home
I’ve been talking about you against the wall

I’m the one making you say no
I’m the one you talk to let go

This dog don’t hunt
And I can’t play piano or hide my calls
And I’ve been talking about you on the road

I’m the one making you say no
I’m the one you talk to let go

I’ve been hissing at lesbos and famous friends
I’ve been rubbing a cell phone down my legs
I’ve been hitting the midwest against the wall
I’ve been fucking Utah on the road
Track Name: Tagalong
There’s a hope
and it won’t leave me alone
it cries out “friend, go home”

I used to ache
under horoscopes and wait
for the hope to know my name

You were driving
We heard voices
They sang from the sky
I was sobbing
You pulled over
They brought me the light

Can’t you hear me now
with my silver tongue?
I was patient enough
Track Name: Weddings
I’m a kiss uncouth
a bit unsaved
a little rough around the river’s edge
I tied my wife’s hands
in a flowerbed
and let her down

She’s a cigarette
You stamp it out
but drag another when you’re on the town
She’s a castanet
or a clavichord
I can’t tell

Stoned in low motels
My pen and pad
The Black Maria movies set to jazz
Billy Buckley J
And I’ll write you every day
From the garden

I call my son in another world
we could stare at girls at the dance
But instead I’m ashamed to be cattled and chained to the bed

And I won’t call your mother down
I can feel it now but you can’t
The sheep want to pour out their guts on the floor in the end

She’s a hug machine
An Afrik wine
She writes her novels like a holed up kike
She can swim the beach
And talks about everything
In the garden

Tied me to the phone
I’m on the ledge
or Casanova when he wrote in French
There’s a hurricane
or an interstate
Baby, stare or stet

Pissed on pannier gin
From moon to hymn
And watch the women stay rail thin
When I spread it out
Over wedding towns
Every season

Baby, can’t you look less hysterical?
You were always a daredevil Jew
With less hips for the kids and more tiptoes for kiss on the nose

Babe, we’re born in sin and I’m born again
And again and again I groove
Like a back alley gush there is so much on my clothes