from by Eugene Ugly

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I’m a kiss uncouth
a bit unsaved
a little rough around the river’s edge
I tied my wife’s hands
in a flowerbed
and let her down

She’s a cigarette
You stamp it out
but drag another when you’re on the town
She’s a castanet
or a clavichord
I can’t tell

Stoned in low motels
My pen and pad
The Black Maria movies set to jazz
Billy Buckley J
And I’ll write you every day
From the garden

I call my son in another world
we could stare at girls at the dance
But instead I’m ashamed to be cattled and chained to the bed

And I won’t call your mother down
I can feel it now but you can’t
The sheep want to pour out their guts on the floor in the end

She’s a hug machine
An Afrik wine
She writes her novels like a holed up kike
She can swim the beach
And talks about everything
In the garden

Tied me to the phone
I’m on the ledge
or Casanova when he wrote in French
There’s a hurricane
or an interstate
Baby, stare or stet

Pissed on pannier gin
From moon to hymn
And watch the women stay rail thin
When I spread it out
Over wedding towns
Every season

Baby, can’t you look less hysterical?
You were always a daredevil Jew
With less hips for the kids and more tiptoes for kiss on the nose

Babe, we’re born in sin and I’m born again
And again and again I groove
Like a back alley gush there is so much on my clothes


from The Boca Vampires, released November 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Eugene Ugly Sacramento, California

Eugene Ugly is worried rock band. George is married, and Cameron talks to his cats.


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